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May 7, 2018


MAY 2018

  1. Pylon Working Is No Problem
  2. Valerie June Workin' Woman Blues
  3. PJ Harvey Working For The Man
  4. Grace Jones Nipple to the Bottle
  5. Sharaya J Smash Up The Place
  6. Gangsta Boo Can I Get Paid
  7. Björk Army Of Me
  8. Rihanna Bitch Better Have My Money
  9. Yoko Ono No, No, No
  10. Lykke Li Complaint Department
  11. Sonic Youth Swimsuit Issue
  12. TT The Artist Queen (feat. La Mu Dey)
  13. Tinashe Who Am I Working For?
  14. Sam Phillips Baby I Can't Please You
  15. Robyn Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do
  16. Shakira She Wolf
  17. Njena Reddd Foxxx EST
  18. The Pointer Sisters Dirty Work
  19. Angel Olsen Intern
  20. Lorine Chia & J.Kelr Complain (feat. Todd Simon)
  21. Solange Cash In