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May 27, 2011

The second "light" themed mix in a row: a May freebie from Nina Ramone's guest spot at San Francisco's best and brightest housejams/lipsync/goodtime/hotmess in the Tenderloin - HIGH FANTASY. Definitely check it out if you're in the Bay Area - every Tuesday night at Aunt Charlie's.

Keep it Light: featuring daytime looks and deadbeat jams for your post-diva dive hangover. Made with much love, and thanks to MC, AP, ST, JD

  1. neon indian: deadbeat summer;
  2. washed out: new theory;
  3. museum of bellas artes: who do you love;
  4. bag raiders: sunlight (feat. dan black);
  5. men: my family
  6. yacht: psychic city (classixx remix);
  7. delorean: simple graces;
  8. bastardgeist: automatic emotion;
  9. ducktails: killin’ the vibe;
  10. la sera: left this world;
  11. fleet foxes: battery kinzie;
  12. dum dum girls: wrong feels right;
  13. vivian girls: telepathic love;
  14. ariel pink’s haunted graffiti: beverly kills;
  15. wavves: weed demon;
  16. sharon van etten: one day;
  17. best coast: bratty b;
  18. cloud nothings: turning on.