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Apr 28, 2020

This mix is an ode to warm sunny days spent by the water. It's for when you need a little shake, a hair flip, and a little energizing after finishing a day's work or on a sweaty summer weekday when you wanna mop your entire home. Hit play and let it make you feel alive. ~ Danny and Sha xx

  1. Collins Oke Elaiho & His...

Apr 16, 2020

A quarantine mix from Latham & Rami. 

  1. Lene Lovich | I Think We're Alone Now
  2. Tierra Whack | Wasteland
  3. Grace Ives | Babyyy
  4. Frank Ocean | In My Room
  5. Beverly Glenn-Copeland | This Side of Grace
  6. Perfume Genius | On the Floor
  7. Whitmer Thomas | Hurts to Be Alive
  8. Deb Never | Out of Time
  9. Zzzahara | Sugar Gay
  10. Jamila Woods |...